Thursday, May 24, 2007

At World's End - Review

Yes, he is back the king of pirates with all of the characters we love, but it’s the ghost monkey who must be there in the sequel - Pirates of Caribbean : At World's End Sure we all wanted Johnny Depp back and here he is with all the swords and ships.

Keira Knightley is back as Elizabeth Swann. She and her lover, Will Turner, have joined hands with their one-time common enemy, Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush). the mysterious mystic, Tia is also back in part 3 with her magical dices. They now start their voyage to the other world with swords in their hands and blood in their hearts. Will they be able to bring the beloved pirate Captain Jack sparrow back? Will they be able to find Sparrow? Will they be able to bring him back to the world we know and live in? What is plans Captain Barbossa has in her mind?

this summer blockbuster is going to bring out the best from all the actors we loved in first two parts of the movie. Johnny is as ever very funny and never let you bore anytime during the movie. While he might be a little too shy and foolish at the beginning he works hard enough to obligate you to stick to your seat till the end of the movie.

I know you loved first two parts of the movie and you are going to enjoy and love this one too. At the End of the world they work together to change sparrow's destiny. There are good reasons that you must watch At World's End too, full of action comedy and sparrow's entics. Director Gore Verbinski wonderfully mixes comedy, action and drama, and gives each character air of something that we can not afford to miss. All the stunts, special effects and animation are outstanding.

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